Behavioural science training courses

Our selection of behavioural science training courses and briefing sessions are designed to enlighten and stimulate marketing and brand teams of all levels.





4hr sessions from £1945 (Plus VAT)

1hr sessions from £989 (Plus VAT)

1hr sessions from £989 (Plus VAT)

1hr sessions from £989 (Plus VAT)



An introductory to behavioural science training course, including some inspiring examples of how it’s been applied by brands you know

Using our behavioural opportunities model as a framework, we’ll show how it enables you to identify 1) the prevalent behaviours your customers exhibit, 2) whether your competitors are already taking advantage of them and 3) if your brand is in the position to leverage them

A practical session in which we use this framework and these 3 factors to ultimately determine where the strategic opportunities lie for your brand


What behavioural science is

Why behavioural science is so important when trying to solve marketing problems

Our favourite cognitive biases and examples of brands that leverage them successfully

Inspire, surprise and expand the minds of your brand and marketing team

How to apply behavioural science in your role and drive customers towards your brand


Shifts – Uncontrollable political, societal and cultural changes that subsequently create new needs, attitudes and behaviours.

Drivers – Emerging technologies, tools and practices that when introduced will enhance the retail environment and experiences.


The 10 behavioural trends shaping tomorrow’s consumers

The behavioural science behind the trends

Tips for how to apply behavioural thinking to your business



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Tell us about you and your business

    Work at The Behaviours Agency

    Our vision is to be the

    happiest little agency in the world

    Our vision is to be the

    happiest little agency in the world

    We want to be at the forefront of the well-being momentum in our industry. We want you to love coming to work, for clients you gel with on projects you’re really into. We like to show that happier folk make better work.

    Our Happiness Pledge is not just for our clients either. We aim to make every day a happy work day, for everyone.

    Small but
    perfectly formed

    Since we started in 2006, we’ve been determined to hold onto what makes us special. We’re proud to be a small, close-knit team who love to punch above our weight.

    That’s not to say we’re thinking small – we’re consistently doing work for some of the world’s biggest brands. 

    What it does mean is we’re selective about who and what we work on.

    Lots of great company benefits

    Working at The Behaviours Agency means two happiness days a year to do something that improves your wellbeing, birthdays off, awards for Most Valuable Person of the month and the year, monthly ‘Sunshine meetings’, quarterly team ‘away-days’, long service recognition and bonus scheme.

    Getting the work-life balance just right

    We’re all currently working from home, but when we’re back in the office we encourage flexible and ad-hoc home working. We also have health and wellbeing schemes and provide flexible annual leave, ‘Yikes' days, compassionate leave and childcare voucher schemes.

    Developing our people through our learning academy

    We invest significantly in training our team, giving them the knowledge and support they need to grow. Curiosity is one of the values of the business, and the team is encouraged to self-learn, attend webinars, events and courses that will develop their skills and experience. We also learn as a team through our Learn@Lunch initiative.

    Our values

    Like what you see?

    If this all sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, here are our current roles.

    Account Director


    We’re looking for a driven, passionate Account Director to deliver client and team happiness. Working closely with both the agency and client leadership teams you will be responsible for the strategic direction, creative excellence and commerciality of the relationship.

    The role requires an entrepreneurial all-rounder who as happy digging for insights as they are presenting to senior management.

    Salary: £40k-£45k dependent on experience.

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    Account Manager


    We’re looking for an ambitious Account Manager, who will oversee client projects on a day-to-day basis, ensuring they run smoothly and achieve their full potential. With a unwavering focus on client happiness, the role requires a super-organised multitasker who is comfortable managing campaign activity across all channels. A bias towards digital is an advantage.

    Salary: £26k-£30k dependent on experience.

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    Senior Creative


    We’re looking for an ambitious senior level creative. Someone who has an unwavering passion for all things visual. You’ll be just as happy getting stuck into generating standout ideas, art directing photo shoots and creating impactful and effective design. And you’ll be able to do this across all channels.

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    Account Executive


    We’re looking for a super-smart, passionate Account Executive to deliver client and team happiness. The right candidate could be a recent graduate or an AE with up to 18 months experience. Your role will be to help coordinate and manage client projects on a day-to-day basis, ensuring they run smoothly and achieve their full potential. You’ll need to be dedicated to client happiness, be super-organised, efficient and a good multi-tasker. In return you’ll be mentored and trained by an experienced team of agency professionals giving you the chance to grow your career at the same time as helping us grow the agency.

    Salary: £18k-£22k dependent on experience.

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    We’ve a good bank of talented freelancers who we use on a regular basis, but we’re always looking for more. So if you’re an art director, designer, writer, artworker or all-round creative genius then please get in touch. You’ll need to send us a covering letter, a CV and some examples of your best work.

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    Even if you don’t see the job for you, we're always keen to hear from talented people.

    So, whether you're a graduate or a senior creative, an aspiring planner or a seasoned artworker get in touch.

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    Behavioural science blog

    The Behavioural Bias Series

    Behavioural Science Webinars

    Behavioural science

    Let’s start with the basics

    What is behavioural science?

    Behavioural science is the scientific observation and study of behaviour, including the way our emotions, environment and social factors influence our decisions in the real world.

    Marketers love the insights in books like Nudge, Thinking Fast and Slow and Predictably Irrational. But we often struggle to apply them to our work. Check out our series of Behavioural Bias blogs for detailed definitions and real-world examples.

    Go to the blog

    Our Behavioural Model

    Behavioural science is a complex devil with hundreds of theories, biases, nudges and heuristics. We developed our own unique Influencing Behaviour Model to take what behavioural science teaches us and apply these insights to your marketing and communications challenges.

    There are three key behavioural science principles at play:


    Marketing is about moving people from a default behaviour to a desired behaviour. The larger the behavioural shift needed, the greater the marketing challenge. Understanding this gulf defines our approach.


    Our brains don’t work by processing data, they compare and contrast with existing memories. As humans we don’t think rationally, we think relatively. Our senses work on friction and flow. We automatically distinguish between what’s changing and what’s staying the same and process them differently. We’re drawn to the familiar amidst the unknown, and to difference in a sea of sameness. It’s our skill as behaviour-led thinkers and creators to use the levers of friction and flow to influence behaviour.


    Any behaviour requires three things: Sufficient motivation – an underlying desire that needs satisfying. Sufficient means – the resources required to get what’s wanted. And a trigger – the things that change to make someone actively consider buying.

    This understanding forms the bedrock of our thinking and determines our creative approach. Making the brand or product:

    Learn more about behavioural science and our Behavioural Model

      How we use the Behavioural Model

      Our Influencing Behaviour Model can be applied to any stage of the marketing process. We can deliver anything from insights and strategy development for brand building or big ideas right down to tactical ideas and execution. Take a look at some of our work here.


      Traditional insight work often fails to provide accurate insights. We create valuable insight work by using research methods that take into account common research fallacies and limitations.


      Our strategies and plans are underpinned by scientifically proven behavioural science theories.

      Brand building

      We use principles from behavioural science to build brands and creative assets your audience will remember.

      Big Idea/campaign

      Our big ideas are designed to influence behaviour across your entire customer journey or campaign. Ideas to influence behaviour across a campaign, a suite of comms or a customer journey.

      Tactical execution

      Want to try out a behavioural-led approach? We can use as little as one cognitive bias in your copy or creative.

      Behaviour-led creativity

      Since starting the business in 2006, we’ve focused on behaviour-led creativity. It’s been a single-minded pursuit to decode how someone makes a purchase decision, and use those insights to create compelling brands, experiences and campaigns that has led to real commercial success for our clients.

      Creativity informed by behavioural science

      Curiosity around behaviour naturally leads you to behavioural science. So, since 2017 we’ve been upskilling the entire agency to be behavioural thinkers and creators. We also started to develop partnerships with some of the UK’s leading behavioural scientists and developed our own Behavioural Model to help us simplify the complex world of behavioural science.

      We still create brand identities, TV commercials, social campaigns, retail experiences and everything else you’d expect from a creative agency. But now we do it with tonnes of evidence behind us of what truly makes someone behave the way they do. It’s this appreciation of the role of brand heuristics (or shortcuts) and behaviour-led creativity that means we can apply it to any piece of work, big or small.

      We want to be
      the happiest little
      agency in the world

      We want to be
      the happiest little
      agency in the world

      Behaviour-led creativity is important to us, as are client and team happiness. So much so that we made it our vision to focus on happiness, putting us at the forefront of the well-being momentum in our industry. 

      We want our people to love coming to work to create amazing things for clients they gel with, on projects we love. It’s scientifically proven that happier folk make better work and that can only be a good thing for our clients and our creativity.

      Being little doesn’t mean we’re thinking small. We’ve done work for some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers. We’d rather do bigger and more ambitious work than more of the same. But what it does do is keep us agile, client-focused and hungry. 

      We take this stuff seriously so we like to work with clients that make us happy and in return you can expect us to deliver on our Happiness Pledge.

      Our latest work

      Moving a hugely successful bedroom brand to a new space in the home.

      Read more

      Increasing online prescriptions for Well Pharmacy with authority bias.

      Read more
      Handing the power back to retailer for Auto Trader

      Strengthening the status quo for Auto Trader’s network of dealers.

      Read more

      Meet the people behind it all

      To create successful and happy partnerships with our clients we’re committed to growing a super talented team. This is shown in our pride for achieving both IPA CPD Gold and Investors In People Gold standard accreditations.

      Design Sprint

      Solve big problems and test new ideas in just four days

      Behavioural Design Sprint

      What is a Behavioural Design Sprint?

      Behavioural Design Sprint = Design Sprint + behavioural science

      Based on the proven Design Sprint system created by Jake Knapp and his associates at Google Ventures, a Behavioural Design Sprint follows this proven approach that has enabled businesses like Uber, Slack and Lufthansa to create and test solutions like apps and homepage redesigns in just 4 days.

      The same approach can also answer the marketing challenges faced by businesses, developing new products and services, improved experiences and ‘prototype’ communications assets such as email newsletters, print adverts and even TVC concepts. These can quickly be tested with a small audience for approval before putting the time and money behind developing final materials.

      During a sprint you’ll work alongside behaviourally-led strategists, designers and writers who will who help uncover and understand the actions of your customers and then develop smarter, more effective solutions supercharged through the power of applied behavioural economics.

      Top 10 reasons to use Behavioural Design Sprints

      1. Affect customer behaviour change
      2. Develop and test service solutions
      3. Create & test new retail experiences
      4. Create new habits with existing customers
      5. Solve NPD problems
      6. Testing a direct to consumer offer
      7. Improve performance of digital touchpoints
      8. Develop app and website concepts
      9. Leverage disruptive technologies in your business
      10. Enhance customer experience

      The benefits to you


      Experience a dramatically compressed time frame


      Bring people and teams closer together through a shared goal


      Innovative and effective solutions created from having the right people in the room at the same time


      Quickly test hypotheses and develop assets with proven feedback


      Based on a tried and tested format developed by Google and trusted by companies like Nike, Uber and Red Bull

      How our Behavioural Design Sprint works

      Turning a challenge or opportunity into a solution in 4 days requires diligent focus and a regimented system. We use the tried and tested Google Sprint methodology to ensure we obtain the right inputs and outputs at every step. We augment this proven process with our own behavioural expertise and tools such as TM.BE, our proprietary model that identifies the current behaviours taking place in your sector. This allows us to clearly establish the change we need to create and the barriers that might stand in the way.

      Here is an overview of how the 4 days play out.

      The next steps

      Once we have completed the Behavioural Design Sprint we will provide you with:

      Clear answers to your critical questions

      Behavioural insights and strategies included in our full write up

      A tested prototype solution for your problem with any clear actions for future iterations

      Asset handover (for in-house and existing agencies)

      Additionally, if you want us to progress the recommendations you can continue to work with our behavioural experts, either through our iteration workshop or working in a partnership over the longer term.

      Why choose The Behaviours Agency for your Sprints?

      1. We’re experienced facilitators with behavioural science, business and marketing expertise
      2. We’ve been running workshops for over 15 years for the likes of Nike, DWFF, Sharps, Silentnight, Aggregate Industries. Now using Google’s proven Design Sprint methodology
      3. Our in-house behavioural-led designers are experienced in developing and optimising solutions through application of behavioural science
      4. Our team are experienced, agnostic researchers that test prototypes and design solutions to ensure creation of fit for purpose solutions
      5. We have developed behavioural models that identify the challenges and solutions that will affect consumer change for good

      Some of the biases and heuristics we will be leveraging

      Want to know more?

      Email us now or call us on 07538 210507

      EMAIL US