We create preference

All buying behaviour is a series of choices. Some big, some small, some considered, some pretty much automatic. And each of these moments is a chance to be preferred, or a chance to lose out.

What preference means to us

It’s behavioural science applied to everyday marketing challenges. Preference is being ahead of the competition in the customer’s mind. That means being more attractive, more top-of-mind, easier to choose.

Why does being the preferred choice matter?

Because all buying behaviour is a series of choices. Each of these moments is a chance to be preferred, or a chance to lose out. While some of our decisions are carefully considered with all the options weighed, most are pretty much automatic, made without conscious thought.
Behavioural science has shown that our brains work more like Alexa than a Google results page, coming up with just a ‘top answer’ rather than a whole list of considerations.
So the challenge is to make our clients’ brands the top answer.

How do we create preference?

We’re experts at guiding the comparison your customers make so it tips the scales in your favour. And we can do this in three ways:

Making it the most attractive

Making it top of mind

Making it the easiest option

We guide the comparison the consumer makes so it tips the scales to your advantage.

Learn more about behavioural science and our Behavioural Model

    How it works for you

    We work out the right way to create preference for your unique challenge.It could be that we need to make your advertising more motivating, make your brand come to mind first or make your website easier to buy from. These are examples of what our approach has delivered for our clients:

    • Executions that drive more action at the moments of truth
    • Brands built to deliver more motivation, trust, and recall
    • Creative campaigns with more cut-through, resonance, traction and impact

    We offer a full range of creative services


    Research methods that control for the usual fallacies of context and priming.


    Strategies and plans for achieving preference.

    Brand building

    The strategic core and creative assets of the brand, like heuristics and character.

    Big Idea/campaign

    Ideas to influence behaviour and create preference across a campaign, a suite of comms or a customer journey.

    Tactical execution

    Behaviour-led design, copy and format. Can be as little as one bias in one place.