Let’s start with the basics

What is behavioural science?

Behavioural science is the scientific observation and study of behaviour, including the way our emotions, environment and social factors influence our decisions in the real world.

Marketers love the insights in books like Nudge, Thinking Fast and Slow and Predictably Irrational. But we often struggle to apply them to our work. Check out our series of Behavioural Bias blogs for detailed definitions and real-world examples.

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Our Behavioural Model

Behavioural science is a complex devil with hundreds of theories, biases, nudges and heuristics. We developed our own unique Influencing Behaviour Model to take what behavioural science teaches us and apply these insights to your marketing and communications challenges.

There are three key behavioural science principles at play:


Marketing is about moving people from a default behaviour to a desired behaviour. The larger the behavioural shift needed, the greater the marketing challenge. Understanding this gulf defines our approach.


Our brains don’t work by processing data, they compare and contrast with existing memories. As humans we don’t think rationally, we think relatively. Our senses work on friction and flow. We automatically distinguish between what’s changing and what’s staying the same and process them differently. We’re drawn to the familiar amidst the unknown, and to difference in a sea of sameness. It’s our skill as behaviour-led thinkers and creators to use the levers of friction and flow to influence behaviour.


Any behaviour requires three things: Sufficient motivation – an underlying desire that needs satisfying. Sufficient means – the resources required to get what’s wanted. And a trigger – the things that change to make someone actively consider buying.

This understanding forms the bedrock of our thinking and determines our creative approach. Making the brand or product:

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    How we use the Behavioural Model

    Our Influencing Behaviour Model can be applied to any stage of the marketing process. We can deliver anything from insights and strategy development for brand building or big ideas right down to tactical ideas and execution. Take a look at some of our work here.


    Traditional insight work often fails to provide accurate insights. We create valuable insight work by using research methods that take into account common research fallacies and limitations.


    Our strategies and plans are underpinned by scientifically proven behavioural science theories.

    Brand building

    We use principles from behavioural science to build brands and creative assets your audience will remember.

    Big Idea/campaign

    Our big ideas are designed to influence behaviour across your entire customer journey or campaign. Ideas to influence behaviour across a campaign, a suite of comms or a customer journey.

    Tactical execution

    Want to try out a behavioural-led approach? We can use as little as one cognitive bias in your copy or creative.