Good governance has always been at the heart of our business. Looking after our people, our community, our clients and running the business successfully were our founding principles. But increasingly we were conscious of our responsibilities to the planet.

When we launched our new purpose in 2022 – creating future happiness we wanted to find a recognition system that supported the new way of working, challenged our conventions and pulled all our ESG work together. And today we’re delighted to say that we’re B-Corp Certified.

It’s good for business,it’s good for everyone.

Embracing the B-Corp principles of social and environmental responsibility provides a framework that helps us to create a positive impact today as well as investing in a better future for everyone. We believe that the pursuit of product cannot be at the expense of our planet and the people around us, and we are proud to align ourselves with businesses that share this philosophy.

“It’s driven change in our business, made us more aware as a team of our small place in the world and the impact we have”

Sue Benson, Managing Director

The start of our journeynot the end.

Through the various B-Corp assessments, we can hold ourselves accountable to rigorous standards of performance, transparency and accountability. We now have the benchmark and we now know that it’s  not an easy journey. So, here’s some of the great work we’re doing and our plans to drive future change.

Creating a happy place to work

We’re in the lucky position of being owned and led by two fabulous women – Sue Benson & Dorina D’Ambrosio. Their people-first focus means that all our policies and approaches are at the forefront of employee management. They think big about our small business to ensure the rewards, environment, performance systems and guidance are in place to ensure our colleagues flourish. Using employee NPS we ensure we report and measure the impact our employee systems are making.

For 2023 our  focus will be on two areas, improving our DE&I approach to recruitment and training and women’s health, particularly menopause.

Bringing happiness to our community partners

Giving back and getting stuck in is integral to our values. The whole agency is encouraged to get involved in external projects and it’s seen as a learning opportunity for our junior teams. We’re particularly invested in future talent and work with a number of partners such as Native Creative, Agent Academy and Manchester University to raise awareness of the sector.

Sue is the IPA city head for Manchester and the North West, MPA board Director and Alliance of Independent Agencies board Director.

This year we want to do more with our local community in Salford.

Happier planet

This is the toughest one of the pillars for the agency. We’re in a low impact sector with really only travel and energy as our levers. So whilst we have things like low travel policies, recycling, supply chain management in place we decided we need to do more.

We’re partnering with Ecologi to become carbon neutral annually. We’ll be funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions. Every month Ecologi on our behalf will be planting groves of trees in our company forest, and financing carbon avoidance projects from around the world.

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