The brief

Creating a memorable lifestyle brand for the 50+ audience

Unbound is a multi-brand platform that aims to cater to the unique needs and desires of a 50+ audience. With a focus on clothing, footwear, and wellness products, Unbound provides a holistic and lifestyle-oriented approach. Our task was to create a brand that resonates with the 50+ audience, leveraging memorable assets, emotional appeal, and consistent messaging.

Recognising that the 50+ audience is redefining what it means to be older, we set out to build a lifestyle brand that appeals to both brands and customers within this demographic. This required a deep understanding of the target audience’s values, aspirations, and preferences. Through the strategic application of behavioural science, we understood what motivates our audience and how best to connect with them.


Our Approach

Building a Memorable Brand

To create a brand that stands out and captures the audience’s attention, we used our behavioral science toolkit. This involved developing memorable assets, infusing energy and emotion into the brand, ensuring consistency, and encapsulating the brand’s essence in a succinct tagline and visual treatment.

The Brand Idea: "For all U are"

The tagline “For all U are” was carefully crafted to have a double meaning, symbolising both the uniqueness of the individual and celebrating the collective audience. This approach allowed Unbound to convey a positive attitude and spirit that resonated with the 50+ audience, while also highlighting the brand’s focus on living life to the fullest.

Elevating the U in Unbound

Recognising the importance of a strong visual identity, we focused on elevating the letter “U” in its logo and branding. The unique and memorable nature of this asset served as a storytelling device, capturing the essence and uniqueness of each customer’s individuality and putting them in the spotlight. By doing so, we positioned Unbound as a brand that truly celebrates the diverse identities of its customers.

Distinctive and consistent brand assets

We created a full set of distinctive brand assets to enhance the brand’s tone, storytelling capabilities, energy, and emotional appeal. This included design exploration, such as photography and typography, to establish a consistent visual language.

Additionally, we explored language that focused on conveying the brand story, emphasising the concept of comfort in fashion, such as being comfortable in one’s own skin versus physical comfort.

Maintaining consistency across all brand touchpoints including website, OOH, press, social and digital content was essential for Unbound’s success. By ensuring a unified and cohesive visual identity, messaging, and storytelling approach, the brand was able to establish a strong and recognisable presence in the market. This consistency also helped to build trust and familiarity among the 50+ audience, reinforcing Unbound as a reliable and relevant brand.

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