Does value mean the same thing to you as your customers?

The behavioural science behind what things are worth.

Do you have control of your brand’s value perception?

This Thought-Starter should make you question if you’ve got control of your brand’s value perception, and what to do to make sure you have. Why should a loft conversion, a Volkswagen Golf or ten shares in Amazon cost the same as each other? Why should a tin of beans cost more at a corner shop than a supermarket? 

The answer lies in value perception.

Value is the balance between what you want (your MOTIVATION), and what you’re prepared to give (your RESOURCES).

Defining how and why your offer represents value in your market is a big part of any marketer’s job, and this thought starter is only scratching the surface. 

A behavioural approach like ours provides a structured and logical way to take control of your value proposition, and break the job into discrete and manageable elements. 

Learn how to start thinking behaviourally about value by:

  • Reducing the RESOURCES – make your offer feel less costly. 
  • Increase the MOTIVATION – make your offer feel worth more.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how we do this you need to read this Thought-Starter.

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