In the fast-paced world of fashion and advertising, authenticity lights our path, pushing us to redefine beauty and embrace life’s phases. As a Creative Director and a woman in her early 50s, I’m genuinely excited to reveal the powerful decision to feature midlife female models. That’s why empowering midlife moments on a transformative journey with 45+ models is so magical. This journey is a celebration of resilience among midlife women and a nod to the vibrant team that brought this vision to life for Hotter Shoes. (Oh, and we had the most fabulous time).

What did we get up to?

Unveiling midlife narratives:
In a fashion world that often overlooks the significance of midlife, a chapter marked by wisdom, confidence, and a unique sense of self, we are dedicated to placing these qualities at the forefront. What better way to embody them than by featuring real, vibrant midlife women in our campaign? Our commitment to showcasing the beauty of midlife is grounded in the belief that every woman, regardless of age, deserves representation in the world of fashion. This intentional choice not only breaks free from industry norms but also embraces the diversity that defines real beauty, making a statement that resonates with authenticity and inclusivity.


Behind the scenes:
Crafting confidence and versatility – Every decision in crafting this campaign was meticulously considered to ensure an authentic and impactful representation of Hotter’s essence and the women it aims to celebrate.


Taking a visionary approach:
Why? To capture the unique magic of Hotter’s comfort-tech and feminine flair.

Considerations: Real women aged 45+, radiating energy in every step, reflecting elegance, authenticity, and a touch of city glam. Embracing the campaign’s central idea of ‘on the go’—where ‘on the go’ signifies not just physical movement, but the dynamic and spirited essence of midlife women navigating their everyday lives with confidence and style.”


Shifting focus
It was important to move away from a leg-only focus, towards a holistic, full-body experience. Aiming for authentic connections, genuine emotions, and “on-the-go” vibes with real, vibrant midlife women (45-65+).


Dynamic movement
To showcase the versatility of Hotter’s footwear. Considerations: energetic scenarios featuring diverse environments and activities, emphasising the dynamic everyday nature of the brand.


Authenticity & Inclusivity
Why? To celebrate real women in real moments. Considerations: Featuring models from various age groups during casual strolls to lively gatherings, ensuring diversity and inclusivity.

Why? To create a sophisticated backdrop reflecting Urban Chic. Considerations: Carefully chosen chic cityscapes and upscale settings conveying fashion-forward vibes.


The team:
Our biggest and most important was to bring the vision to life with expertise. Stylist Julie, a magician, going beyond selling shoes to create head-to-toe confidence. To complement the allure of Hotter’s footwear with practical yet chic outfits. Reflecting the brand’s commitment to blending style with comfort, harmonising seamlessly with the overall vision.


To emphasise the shoes’ ability to handle various scenarios. Considerations: Showcasing the magic of Hotter shoes in captivating scenarios that prove their adaptability to every facet of dynamic lives. In essence, every decision stems from a commitment to authenticity, diversity, and the celebration of real women, making the campaign a true reflection of Hotter’s identity and the considerations of those who crafted it.

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