The brief

Driving trades to sign-up to Checkatrade

Checkatrade asked for our help to boost memberships. They wanted to target trade prospects in specific postcodes where there is a lot of demand for work, but few local trades competing for it. We had access to live, localised and targeted data to prove that there are valuable work opportunities available.


Our Approach

Leveraging the traders motivational drivers

Our unique Behavioural Science Toolkit found that trades are motivated by two drivers, a desire to succeed by getting ahead of the competition and a fear of missing out on work. To make the most of this insight, we developed two different creative approaches for this ‘supply and demand’ campaign.

To build on the first insight we wanted tradespeople to know that their skills are needed in their local area and that by being a Checkatrade member, they would win more of this work than their competition. By focusing on their skills we also leveraged the pride tradespeople have in their work and of their reputation.

The second approach plays on the tradespeople’s fear of loss. There is often little certainty in their work pipeline, in fact, it is a worry that it could dry up at any point. Therefore it makes sense to use a reliable market-leading source of work, like Checkatrade. Likewise, if you’re not being seen by homeowners with potential work, you’re going to be missing out on work that could be yours.

Customer journey planning

Checkatrade has several channels to reach prospective members, including DM, email, SMS and outbound calling. So alongside the team at Checkatrade, we devised a multi-touchpoint journey over 11 days, using all four channels to maximise response and conversion. The journey was designed to build around the weekly rhythms of a trade’s working life, to remain fresh throughout, while building the message over time. And we also varied the emphasis by making best use of each touchpoint’s strengths.

Testing, learning and optimising

Both creative routes were used as part of an A/B testing strategy that also involved the inclusion or removal of a promotion.

The creative, promotion, testing strategy, journey length and the number of touchpoints are constantly monitored to learn and improve the lead and conversion rates over the 30-week period.

The results

The campaign went live in March 2023 over 30 weeks, with a series of 11-day campaign journeys that would reach 1000 prospective trades. By the end of March, Checkatrade had seen a 1.3% conversion rate to leads (vs a benchmark of 0.3%) and a 27% conversion rate to sales (vs 16% benchmark).

“We were really impressed with how the team at The Behaviours Agency got to grips with this challenge. It was refreshing to work with an agency that really understood the trade’s motivations and used them to create two campaign ideas that have made the entire business take notice. We’re excited to see the campaign play out in full”.

Natalie Thomas, Trade Acquisition Marketing Director

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