Our aim is to help brands and businesses authentically connect with midlife women. We’ll equip you with insights, tools, and strategies to make a meaningful difference in the lives of midlife women.

Midlife women deserve better

Our proprietary research tells us that 69% of midlife women feel invisible and 62% think brand advertising rarely shows someone they can relate to.

They think brands either ignore them, assume them to be much older than they are, or turn them off with unrealistic aspirations. Here’s just one voice, but we’ve heard it over and over again.

“The media makes the over 50s feel ancient. They think we want to go to afternoon tea dances and they think you want to be called ‘lady’. I’ll be a lady when I’m 90, no actually I won’t even be old enough when I’m 90 to be called lady. We’re not fuddy duddies, we’re still young.”

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How your brand can genuinely win over midlife women 8 months of research, speaking to over 300 midlife women, exploring life stage changes in attitude, behaviour and needs has been carried out. This webinar summarises the implications of the disconnect between brands and midlife women, and how B2C brands can turn missed opportunities into seized moments and success stories.

Midlife Webinar 2: Invisibility or tokenism. The perils of marketing to midlife women.

Unlock the untapped value of midlife women.

Despite positive changes in media representation, our research reveals that midlife women often feel invisible and overlooked, leading to a lack of trust in advertisers.

The question arises: Is the current approach to marketing genuine or merely tokenism?

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The good news is we’re here to help you

We’re on a mission to empower brands to genuinely understand, represent, connect and support women during a significant life stage.

At the soul of this initiative are founders of The Behaviours Agency Sue Benson and Dorina D’Ambrosio. Not only are they experiencing this transformative life stage, but they hold years of experience collaborating with brands whose audiences reflect this group.

They designed Midlife Women to help reframe the way marketers represent women, once and for all. And to prove that doing so can build a competitive advantage for businesses.

Are you making the most of the opportunity of midlife women?

Our deep-dive research study showed that many feel invisible to brands, despite the spending power and influence of this diverse demographic. We have developed a series of workshops to help brands form more meaningful connections with midlife women. Whether you are a midlife virgin, or are looking to become a visionary to this audience, let us help you take your midlife strategy to the next level.

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“This is a unique time for each individual woman, using our behavioural expertise we foster meaningful connections that support and acknowledge the magnitude of change they undergo.”

“Creative and communications can genuinely resonate with each and one of these women. That doesn’t involve speaking for us or representing us without listening and understanding us first.”

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