The brief

A beautifullyorganised brand

Sharps is the UK’s leading fitted furniture company. Despite expanding its offering to cover living and home office, and having unique solutions to offer more space than its competitors the company faced a distinctiveness challenge. As the market leader, Sharps found that the market kept following its lead.

Sharps needed a brand identity and proposition that could provide long-lasting distinctiveness.


Our Approach

Beautifully organised

Through our Behavioural Science Toolkit, we found that consumers are motivated by a deeper emotional sense of peace and contentment in their lives, rather than simply storage solutions. As a result, we developed the brand idea ‘Beautifully Organised’. Combining aesthetics and practicality to create an emotional appeal to target customers’ deeper motivations.

Introducing ‘The Contour’

A distinct shape to act as a symbol of ‘Beautifully Organised’.  Celebrating the beauty of how Sharps can embrace the contours of any space. Making the most of every millimetre, transforming even the most awkwardly shaped rooms.


The two typefaces reflect the brand idea. The classic italic serif Baskerville represents the ‘beautifully’ and the structure and regularity of sans serif Bliss ‘organised’. Perfectly blended to appeal to both rational and emotional desires.


Beautiful organisation isn’t just shown through shape or type but through everything we do, which of course extends to photography. Every photoshoot is planned to show how Sharps make the most of every millimetre of space, in a beautifully organised way.


New brand guidelines and tone of voice playbook mean that whichever channel is used to communicate, Sharps consistently find the perfect balance of emotion and function.

The results

The brand design for Sharps is currently being rolled out across the entire business both internally and externally across both on and offline channels during 2023.

“The Sharps Contour and supporting identity work symbolises our central advantage and The Behaviours Agency has delivered this benefit in a simple and elegant manner. Their way of working from insight to application across all our channels is seamless and demonstrates their understanding of our business, people and commercial aspirations.”

Tim Moore. Sharps Marketing Director

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