Life is lived on these floors

Karndean's brand campaign

Client: Karndean Designflooring

The Challenge

When people renovate or update their home, they tend to consider the flooring as the very last part of the process. Its role is relegated to 'just what you cover the floor with”.


Karndean Designflooring has ambitions to turn this on its head and make the brand one that is considered at the very start of the decision-making process.


Karndean's brand campaign had to establish the brand as the best choice for premium flooring and connect it emotionally with the audience.

The Process

Our unique behaviour-led approach ensures we first get to grips with the motivations and triggers of flooring buyers, to better understand why they behave they way they do during their buying journey.


We did this thanks to a global brand repositioning project that was running in parallel with our project. It required us to undertake behavioural research to uncover customer attitudes towards flooring, the brands they consider and the decision making process as a whole.


We worked with the team at Karndean to extract all key audience insights that we could leverage to develop a campaign that would genuinely change behaviour.

What we found

We learnt that even people planning to do their kitchen, bathroom or living room often don’t consider the floor until the job’s well underway.


It’s an afterthought. And when they do think about the floor, they think of wood or stone as the premium option. So in the absence of a brand-name that they know, they rely on the advice of their builder, architect or the local flooring retailer.


This presented us with the desired behaviour that Karndean's brand campaign needed to elicit. Which is that when people think of flooring, we want them to think of Karndean, and have Karndean specifically as a consideration when they investigate flooring options.

What we made

Our campaign captures the emotional potential of great flooring. To get us there, we explored the role flooring plays in everyday life… which is to be there, no matter what happens, whatever is thrown at it.


The idea - 'life is lived on these floors' - demonstrates how flooring underpins everything that goes on in every home. The fact is that people are emotionally drawn to the realities of home-life, so the scenarios we filmed were intended to resonate with what really happens - kids learning to walk, arguments, laughter, spillages, exercise, tears, tantrums, parties and so on.


By making this connection with the audience emotionally, the audience will associate Karndean with flooring in a way that is likely to be more memorable and motivating when they come to choose flooring for their home.


The brand campaign is led by a TV ad airing on Channel 4 and its digital on-demand channels, as well home and interior press advertising, digital and social media.

The result

“The Behaviours Agency really got to know our business and our audience. They quickly identified the role flooring has in customer’s lives, and from the moment we saw the campaign idea we fell in love with it".

Gavin Smith, UK Marketing Director