Establishing Karndean as the preferred choice

TheDrum_Roses_Award Finalist 2022

How do you make a premium flooring brand more attractive so it comes to mind first when customers enter the market?

Use emotion to create motivation and memorability.

Our campaign captures the emotional potential of great flooring.  We demonstrate how flooring underpins everything that goes on in every home. 

By making this emotional connection, the audience will associate Karndean with flooring in a way that is likely to be more memorable and motivating when they come to choose flooring for their home.

The Results


had an improved perception of the brand after seeing the ad


say it stands out from other advertising


are more likely to consider Karndean

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Karndean brand campaign - Creative X Ray

Client testimonial

“They really got to know our audience, quickly identifying the role flooring has in customer’s lives. As soon as we saw the campaign idea we fell in love with it”.

Gavin Smith, Marketing Director