From a bedroom brand to a living brand

The Sharps Home Living launch

Client: Sharps Bedrooms

The Problem

How do you move a hugely successful bedroom brand to a new space in the home?

The Opportunity

Even before Covid people's needs in their home were changing. We now want flexible spaces to allow us to work, to play, to teach and to relax. Rarely do we want singular purpose rooms. Now we want multi-purpose rooms with buckets full of storage to showcase our dearest belongings or stow our junk. (Hopefully that’s not just the TBA team?)

With their heritage in bespoke bedroom furniture solutions, Sharps were in a perfect place to transition into this new space. Building out their brand from fitted bedrooms to beautifully organised spaces.

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The behavioural solution

Whilst bedrooms are private spaces, living areas are not, so we needed to explore how customers make the decision to buy. Using our Behavioural Model we identified that the motivations stemmed from a sense of status; wanting their house to look stylish and functional, and fulfillment; the desire to be beautifully organised with the feeling of wellbeing that that brings. 

The triggers for purchase have definitely been accelerated in 2020 - cluttered spaces, sore necks and a desire to separate work and home, have tipped customers into active buying mode. 

Finally we explore whether people have the means (time, money and cognitive capacity) to complete the decision making process and identify the levers we need to push and pull at appropriate points in the journey.


The key creatively was to build on the brands heuristics and amplify them to encourage familiarity. So we told the story of beautifully organised spaces using the familiar components of the Sharps brand. 

From product design to branding and art directing shoots to creating an integrated campaign, we delivered the lot, all during the first lockdown. Efficiently, creatively and with a big smile on all our faces as this amazing brand took its first steps to become an even bigger player in the  furniture market.