Brand challenge

Fitting in?Not this brand.

Fittingly needed to disrupt an established and crowded market of fitted furniture giants. They needed to embrace their challenger status and develop a new brand positioning and visual identity that could leverage it to resonate with a new generation of homemakers.

The behavioural insight that influenced our thinking

Times have changed. People are more empowered than ever and for homeowners, their home is an important expression of who they are. So if their dinner can arrive at their home with just a few taps on their phone, why should owning fitted furniture require an ensemble cast and military scheduling? They’re no longer content with cookie-cutter or “standard” solutions. They want more control and freedom to express themselves through their fitted furniture. They want to do it their way and with no compromise.

Brand memorability

We positioned Fittingly as the “creative wingman,” empowering homeowners to make their fitted furniture “totally theirs.” We wanted the world to know that Fittingly doesn’t play by the same rules as the competition. That the limitations of traditional fitted furniture don’t apply to them. Letting homeowners customise exactly to their measurements, and take total control of the entire experience allows complete control over everything in the design and installation process.

A distinctive new logo with the “.ly” suffix became the brand asset. It brought the “totally yours” positioning to life and facilitated bold typography and a unique tone of voice and messaging framework. This framework encouraged customers to embrace their playfulness and celebrate customisation. Building a platform for distinctive imagery showcasing playful and unique designs, for playful and unique customers.

Last but not least, we wrapped the brand in an unforgettable colour: Blurple (a playful blend of blue and purple). This bold choice mirrored Fittingly’s commitment to defying convention and embracing individuality.

Business impact

The new brand launched in April 2024

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