The brief

Re-energising Hotter Shoes' Brand forthe 50+ Female Audience

Hotter Shoes is a comfort shoe brand catering to predominantly women in the over 50s. They faced a challenge to revitalise its brand image and reconnect with its target audience. The brand, known for its energy-infused comfort technology, aimed to inject life, emotion, and desirability back into its campaigns while expanding its appeal to a younger demographic (45+), without alienating its loyal base of 65+ customers.

Our task was to launch a dynamic summer campaign that would showcase Hotter’s products in a way that creates a more authentic human connection with its audiences and away from being an emotionless and product-led brand.


Our Approach

Building an people-first campaign

To create a campaign that stands out and captures the audience’s attention, we used our behavioural science toolkit to bring emotion back into the brand by showcasing real people enjoying life, embodying the brand’s energy and positivity: Hotter ’On The Go’. The strategy was to strike a balance between showing the models being able to live their best authentic lives as a result of Hotter shoes that was both aspirational and relatable and executed consistency across all the campaigns touchpoints.

Our audience

Hotter’s target audience consists of predominantly women aged 55+ who are actively redefining ageing, prioritising full and active lives without compromising on comfort and style. These individuals embrace their changing bodies with confidence and want practical fashion that supports their lifestyle. They seek comfort and functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

The brand understands their desire for advice and assistance in creating outfits that align with their active lifestyles. The 50+ women of today value comfort, versatility, and quality in their wardrobe choices, embracing new challenges and roles while expressing their individuality.

Our campaign

We devised the “On The Go” campaign to authentically portray the everyday lives of our audience. But it’s more than a campaign line. “On The Go” is a rally cry and confidence-boosting message. It gives people a real sense of what Hotter believes in; getting people out and about in ultimate comfort, moving with confidence and the energy to go further.

With this in mind, it was crucial to feature the footwear on relatable representatives of the brand’s customer. Crucially they should also embrace movement through different scenarios they can relate to such as walking the dog, running in the park or a shopping day out.

To ensure consistency with the Hotter brand, “On The Go” also incorporates the elevated O graphic. In itself, this device represents movement and the shoe’s energy boosting technology.


The “On The Go” campaign was committed to encapsulating the audience’s evolving needs and desires for footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and energy-enhancing. Reaffirming Hotter’s dedication to designing footwear for women embracing life at any age.

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