The challenge to us

Re-energising Hotter Shoes' Brand forthe 50+ Female Audience

Create a campaign to modernise the Hotter brand, to make it relevant to a broader (younger) target audience. Capture the magic of Hotter’s comfort-tech & feminine flair through real women (45+).

The behavioural insight that influenced our thinking

A new found freedom to ‘go’

These women are redefining what it means to be older. Their lives are full of new challenges, new places, and new roles. In many cases, their bodies are changing shape, but they have more confidence and swagger than their younger versions but they need COMFORT. They want clothes, shoes, accessories and products that help them get on with their life – exploring their new found freedoms and expressing themselves.

How we created brand memorability

We devised the “On The Go” campaign to authentically portray the everyday lives of our audience. But it’s more than a campaign line. “On The Go” is a rallying cry and confidence-boosting message. It gives people a real sense of what Hotter believes in; getting people out, moving with confidence and having the energy to go further whatever your age.

The “On The Go” incorporates a graphic bounce which acts as a visual anchor, reinforcing the association between “On The Go” and Hotter in the minds of our audience.

Business impact

The campaign ran across all channels and delivered commercial return beyond the teams expectations.


The “On The Go” campaign was committed to encapsulating the audience’s evolving needs and desires for footwear that is stylish, comfortable, and energy-enhancing. Reaffirming Hotter’s dedication to designing footwear for women embracing life at any age.

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