Say hello to Harry Williams

Art Director

Having studied Illustration Harry then completed several internships before discovering a passion for graphic design, visual communication and advertising. This lead to agency work in London before moving back up North to continue his career, working at Havas amongst other
Manchester agencies. He has produced adverts, branding, internal comms etc. for household names like Pets at Home,, Just Eat, eBay and more!


The BBC, I love how it has a clear mission written in a Royal Charter (to inform, educate and entertain) and finds seems to find such interesting was to achieve them, and doesn’t strays from them. It has a diverse audience and, impressively, is constantly evolving to meet their needs
across a huge range of touchpoint all the while managing to be distinctly BBC-ish. That or I could just be hooked on Line of Duty…


Muji. They are a real lifestyle brand and seem to sell everything you need. Muji translated means no-brand, quality goods and brilliantly communicated the idea that simplicity is not merely modest or frugal, but could possibly be more appealing than luxury. They concentrate on the quality and aesthetics of every single thing that they produce, so that no matter what you buy from them, it could be a sofa, a pen or a bag or crisps you know it’s from Muji. It means that they don’t need a logo, they just need an enduring style and philosophy to create brand
recognition and loyalty.


Personally I am always drawn to things that go against the grain, so I would have to say distinctiveness. I think it doesn’t just apply to something that stands out because of the way it look, it shows how handcrafted and triumph over mass produced or how quiet can grab more
attention than loud. It explains why creativity, bravery and innovative can be so important!


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