Say hello toKate Thorpe

Office Manager

With a wealth of experience in both the private and charity sector, Kate joined the Agency in September 2019 as Office Manager.  After a brief covid related break, Kate rejoined TBA in June 2021 as Business Administration Manager and makes our lives at TBA that bit easier.  Kate, AKA Work Mum, keeps us all organised and is the first port of call for all things Admin, HR, Financial, travel and Facilities or Office related.  Kate is our Mental Health first aider and wellbeing champion.  She keeps us active and manages our social calendar! 

Kate's favourite brand

I’m a mum of two small boys and my house is littered with Lego creations both to instructions and to the creative imagination of my children.  Lego has got the market covered, young kids and big kids, adapting their brand to be inclusive. Such an identifiable and positive brand, I love Lego!

Kate's favourite retailer

Possibly predictable, but as I said I’m a mum, my kids grow at a rate of knots and being able to order online with an easy to navigate website and have guaranteed next day delivery just makes my life so much easier. That said, the returns are a blessing too.  They are constantly introducing new fashion and home brands as well as premium beauty brands.  Wardrobe and pamper sessions sorted!

Kate's favourite behavioural theory

Von Restorff Effect – I seem drawn to those ads that are a bit “different”.  My current favourite is probably the yodelling Domino’s Pizza Advert, yes it’s a bit strange, what’s yodelling got to do with ordering a Pizza??  Absolutely nothing! But it sticks in your mind and you instantly know what that advert is for, case in point!