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Account Executive

Amy undertook an internship to harvest more skills in marketing and creative advertisement. During the internship, she participated in a workshop at the agency, and just four weeks later, she started as the account executive at the behaviours agency. Amy comes from a diverse background with a degree in Drama and contemporary art, with a real focus on human behaviour, relationships and social mobility.

Amy's favourite brand

Without a doubt New Theory Wine. They are a UK-based, but South African grape wine company that has elevated the wine game in the UK. Besides the wines being delish and the perfect Saturday afternoon treat, they have nailed the branding.

From their bottles to their pop-up shops, New Theory has reshaped the experience consumers have with wine to be more experience-driven and full of expression, one sip at a time. New Theory is all about and built on culture, experience, design and music.I love their packaging having iconic little characters, the witty wine names, however, I’m yet to go to their famous wine rave. At the moment my favourite bottle has to be their medium-bodied Red Growing Pains.

Amy's favourite retailer

Asos stands out as my ultimate go-to online retailer, catering to every occasion with unparalleled ease and convenience. From their user-friendly interface that simplifies browsing. Asos has truly has my loyalty as navigating through their platform is so easy, but the added advantage of swift next-day delivery makes it near impossible to not shop

Amy's favourite behavioural theory

Von Restorff effect. As much as it’s lovely to see work or actions done in a routine and system. I do love it when I get to work differently and think outside of the box to make work really stand out. Making the mundane a little bit more memorable