Say hello to Steve Brunt

Planning Director

Steve Brunt has been in marketing strategy for twenty years (and it’s really starting to show now). With an initial grounding in not-for-profit (NSPCC) and public sector (COI) strategy and branding, he’s always focused on influencing behaviour. He’s led strategy for accounts like Co-op, BP, Unilever, EA Games, and Syngenta, and worked for agencies spanning advertising, digital, creative innovation and B2B. He joined The Behaviours Agency in early 2020, since when the entire world has completely changed their behaviour.

“I’ve always admired what a complete brand Lynx was (for a while). It knew its audience, their mindset, humour and motivations, and its place. And it built brand cues for all the senses – you could recognise the smell, the sight, the shape, the identity, the ad style and slogan and even a brand sound (remember bau-chicka-wow-wow?) Shame it tried to grow up, really.”

“I’d have to say They built the clothing service I needed. Great range, slick, personalised user experience, and seamless end-to-end service. They use all the strengths of online retailing and avoid all the pitfalls. ”

“First-fit pattern matching” – this is the idea that when taking in new information, we compare it to the most mentally available approximate match (not the best fit). It explains a lot about why we make the same mistakes over and over, and why we struggle to avoid stereotypes. And it’s why brands need to build an array of brand cues, like Lynx did.”


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