Brand challenge

Making Carwow’s online daily auctions famous

Raise awareness and encourage car dealerships to sign up for Carwow’s new daily online auction platform.

The behavioural insight that influenced our thinking

Many independent car dealers are proactive early adopters, who are looking for a competitive edge. They have an openness to explore new methods, especially if those methods will mean they can get a step ahead of the competition.

Brand memorability

Our strategy was to position Carwow’s daily auctions as a Game-Changing way to source new stock. And use this platform to deliver powerful messages that resonate most with forward-thinking, ambitious business owners.

The campaign was crafted to align with Carwow’s existing consumer brand campaign which was based on the idea of Car-Changing. Tonally and visually the campaign was deliberately disruptive and bold, and it features a suite of simple and persuasive key messages that explain how dealers will benefit from sourcing stock from Carwow’s auctions.

Business impact

The campaign launched in February 2024.

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