We tend to only associate WWF with animal welfare, so this makes their new product development of household products even more outstanding.

As part of an Australian initiative, they have devised a range of recipes using natural products and wrapped them in a unique packaging design. The shape of the new product development is familiar i.e. mouthwash or toilet cleaner, however a die-cut away on the front reveals nature’s secret weapons inside.

The ‘Just’ range replaced wastefully-packaged household products we use every day with simple and natural alternatives. The products consist of nothing more than everyday kitchen staples such as cinnamon and lemons and instructions on how to blend them to make your own version of expensive chemical-filled household products such as toilet cleaner and mouthwash.

The new packaging is made from 100% recycled material that is better for the environment as a whole with less plastic bottles going into landfill. Also it’s better for individual families with less abrasive fluids being in the house, which is important if you have small children and babies around who are attracted to the brightly coloured bottles and don’t know any better other than to touch, taste and play with dangerous products. Not to mention kinder on the pocket.

Not only is the WWF new product development concept contained within clever packaging design, they have also developed experiential advertising 6-sheets are placed in shopping centres and train stations.

For instance, the mouthwash advertising board is full of actual cinnamon sticks and consumers are invited to take a stick in order to kick start their interest in the products, helping the environment and ensuring the message spreads through word of mouth too.

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Richard Garnett, Senior Designer.