Uber swept through the globe, providing a truly innovative product allowing us to order at the touch of our fingertips, track the car, rate the driver and not even have to speak to a single human - truly a millenial’s dream service. Last year, however, was a bumpy ride for taxi behemoth as trips decreased massively for the first time. And for very good reason.

Uber Logo
Uber Logo

2017 saw horrific reports of sexual harassment in the workforce, a cover-up of a data breach and stolen trade secrets. The disdain was uncontrollable as #deleteuber went viral.

They have since asked their co-founder to step down and hired their first ever Marketing Officer. There has been an new found emphasis on safety, with features incorporated into their app and service. They are now also committed to doing background checks on all drivers, which (shockingly) wasn’t the case previously.

Nothing quite says we are a new brand like a new shiny logo, and as you could expect, we have been delighted with a new logo which consists of a simple custom typeface on a black background.

Although Uber are now brand focussed and ensuring it is reflective of human insights, not solely service and product based, mistakes so mammoth have been made. They are now putting steps into place to ensure their brand is received in a positive light and are undergoing a clean-up, but is it a case of too little too late?

Perhaps, yes? Uber’s business model was undoubtedly innovative at the time but is now completely replicable and they have many competitors chomping at their heels. Competitors who have not made huge mistakes, might we add.

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