What is a no-brainer brand (and why do you need one?)

As marketers, we all know that your brand is one of your most valuable assets – it conveys what you offer and stand for and defines how your company is perceived by your audience. A no-brainer brand means that choosing your product or service over alternatives is such an easy and obvious thing to do, your audience do it without even having to think. It’s pretty much every marketer’s dream. And that’s not to mention the other endless benefits of building and maintaining a no-brainer brand – more top of mind awareness, better recall and recognition, increased loyalty and totally smashing those competitors out of the park (to name just a few.)

That’s all well and good but how do you started with achieving all of the above? 

Cue the behavioural science…

A no-brainer brand is built on a genuine understanding of consumer motivations, it is memorable and distinctive and the experiences and touchpoints it creates feel easy and effortless. 

It’s all about creating associations, mental availability, memories, habits and heuristics. And that’s where behavioural science comes in, the science-y bit behind the art of a building no-brainer brand. 

In behavioural science terms, a heuristic is a mental shortcut that allows us to make judgments quickly and efficiently. We use the term  “brand heuristics” to mean all of the visual and verbal assets of a brand – logos, typography, graphic devices and colour, photography style and sound. Clear brand heuristics are a key component of building a no-brainer brand thanks to their ability to increase mental availability and build shortcuts in consumer’s minds. 

Another distinguishing factor of a no-brainer brand is how refreshingly  effortlessly and easy its interactions and experiences feel to its audience. We’d recommend that would-be no-brainer brands should identify ways to reduce friction and increase cognitive ease in all that they do. 

No-brainer brands don’t just roughly know, they really, really know what actually motivates their customers. We use the Why Axis dimension of our Influencing Behaviour Model to uncover these motivations for our clients – it explores status, belonging, self-actualisation and security. 

An in-depth understanding of these motivations, coupled with other broader behavioural science principles, opens up a whole realm of opportunity to genuinely influence buyer behaviour, from cueing habits to building effective purchase triggers.

Is your brand a no-brainer?

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About The Behaviours Agency

We are a creative agency that uses behavioural science to make marketing more effective. We have developed our own unique behavioural model that allows us to create compelling brands, experiences and campaigns that lead to real commercial value for our clients. If you want to hear more about what we do and our behaviour-led approach then please get in touch here.

By Tamsin Scott

Head of Marketing