As part of our mission to be the Happiest Little Agency in the World, we’ve spent October focusing on our wellbeing and happiness coinciding with International Mental Health Day (10th October).

This month we’ve been undergoing a range of wellness activities. From weekly sessions from zoom experts focusing on our physical and mental wellbeing to a team steps challenge where we’re virtually walking to all our client’s offices.

On Friday 8th we had a recharge day away from work to allow us a chance to do something for ourselves. Here’s what the team got up to:


“On my recharge day it was the due date of our baby. So to take our mind off it I got up early and painted the bathroom, went to lunch with my partner in the city centre, walked my dog and bought a new fridge freezer.”


“I really loved having the day off to recharge. I had a very chilled day, having brunch, pampering myself and going for a walk in the early evening and seeing the sunset! Would recommend every workplace do this!”


“I chunked my day. I took a little stroll to get some vitamin D. I had lunch with my BFF and then went and had some me-time with a facial.”


“A cheeky day off was really appreciated but I wanted to maximise and enjoy the day. So I finally bought some frames to start my wall of favourite places and then I treated myself and got my nails done.”


“I played golf on my own at Shrigley Hall which was very relaxing – couldn’t have asked for better weather.”


“Finally got round to the job I’ve been putting off for about 12 months. Tidying the garage! Was absolutely buzzing to get it sorted.”


“I spent my day going on a walk with a friend and having a relaxing evening drinking some very nice gin.”


“I visited the BEAUTIFUL city of Chester, ate pizza and had an ace time looking around. Oh, and went to Cheshire Oaks en-route to spend some cash.”


“I went back to my first theatre show after the world opened up again. It was The Lion King in London and I definitely recommend it.”


“It was a nice day so I went for a long walk through the Bollin Valley with my parents.”


“I had a day of R&R. A nice lie in, a good tidy of the apartment, a game of chess and then cooking an evening meal.”


“I went for a big walk in the morning and then went to a spa for treatments afternoon, then packed for hols in a more leisurely manner.”