Creating value with behavioural science

Why should a loft conversion, a Volkswagen Golf or ten shares in Amazon cost the same as each other? Why should a tin of beans cost more at a corner shop than a supermarket? Defining how and why your offer represents value in your market is a big part of any marketer’s role. We recently delivered a webinar on the fascinating topic of how you can increase value perception with behavioural science.

During the webinar, we explained how you can: 

Build behavioural science principles into your value strategy to enhance value perception in the minds of your audience.

Increase customer motivation to make your offer feel like it’s worth more and reduce the means to make it feel less costly.

Use behavioural biases that influence price perception to your advantage

Couldn’t make the session?

No problem! You can watch the recording below to find out how you can apply behavioural science to enhance your brands’ value perception

Fancy a chat about what behavioural science can do for you?

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By Tamsin Scott

Head of Marketing