In the lead up to Easter, competition is rife in the world of the chocolate brands as they vie for shopper attention with their Easter Egg packaging design.

So, here are our views on who is winning with this year’s Easter egg packaging design. Not necessarily in winning order…

They have tried to emulate the look of their Marmite jar. Not exactly the most ‘out-there’ of packaging designs, but, a Marmite Easter egg!?
Personal views on Marmite aside their venture into the world of Easter eggs is certainly one of interest. Their ‘Love it or hate it’ mantra will be sure to divide the nation once again.
(We’re keen to count the scores on this one so please tweet us with your ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ opinion to @themarketc using the hashtag #marmiteegg)

                                                 (Pop into Selfridges to get in on the taste test)

BBC – Doctor Who
Doctor Who fans unite. This year you can buy your Easter goodies in a Dalek shaped pack, which I’m sure will excite Doctor Who’s 7 million+ viewers. Although if you share Doctor Who’s fear of the mighty Dalek’s it could leave you running away in horror.

(Found in M&S stores)

Smarties have gone for an Easter ‘hen’ rather than a traditional Easter egg – with cute hen decorated wrapping to match. However we failed to carry out the ‘shake it’ test to listen out for any smarties inside so this is tbc for now I’m afraid, let’s just hope for the best.

(Found in Booths stores)

Sticking to tradition unlike Nestle, Cadburys have decorated the wrapping of their Easter egg to look like a baby chick popping out of an egg. Adorable.

(Found in Booths stores)

Aldi (Eggjoyables) & Café-Tasse
Following suit of Cadburys Egg ‘n’ Spoon, we saw many brands adopting a ‘farmyard’ Easter egg packaging design. Below are two examples, from both ends of the market. Aldi adopted this style for their cheap and cheerful Eggjoyables (complete with dipping spoon). Chocolate connoisseurs can experience similar packaging from Café-Tasse (not complete with dipping spoon however).

(Found in Liberty, London)

 The Chocolate Society
Opting for a minimalist and simplistic style The Chocolate Society have created one classy looking egg. AND WE LOVE IT. Perfect for an Easter gift (although I’m sure a Cadbury’s baby chick would suffice too).

(Found in Liberty, London)

Hotel Chocolate Easter Egg Sandwich
Hotel Chocolate seek to capitalise on Easter and one of the nation’s (my) favourite sandwiches with this novel idea.

Ferrero Rocher
Over the Easter period you can buy the ‘Grand’ Ferrero Rocher and it’s egg-mazing (sorry, had to get that in somewhere. Although, don’t get too excited like I first did, it’s not a giant Ferrero Rocher as the packaging would suggest – but an Easter egg filled with lots of regular sized Ferrero Rocher.

(Found in Sainsbury’s)

Hopefully you will get to enjoy one or more of these treats this Easter – we can’t wait/are scared to try the Marmite one!

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Max McLaren, Account Executive, The Behaviours Agency