How to make your brand more memorable

When the determination to uphold your New Year’s resolution finds you shopping for new gym trainers, which brand immediately comes to mind?

Are you a Nike loyalist, or does the comfort of FitFlop appeal to you?

The prominence of these brands in your thoughts is a direct result of applied behavioural science. They activate various triggers within you, influencing your mental availability—how easily they come to mind when you think about a related category.

Applying this concept to your own business is crucial on multiple levels. Getting it right is how you cut through competitive noise and subconsciously position yourself as the brand that comes to mind first. We call this brand memorability.

To tap into mental availability, we developed four pivotal principles. Our Brand CACHE framework provides the secret to achieving brand memorability, when it matters most:

  • Category Associations
  • Consistency
  • Heuristics 
  • Emotions

Category Associations

To be top-of-mind at purchasing moments, you need to establish clear links between your brand and the reason your potential customers are looking for a solution. In the words of Theodore Levitt: “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.”

Whether it’s the “what,” the “when,” or the “why,” creating these associations is crucial.

To transform the performance of our fitted furniture client, Sharps, we ventured beyond the conventional freestanding versus fitted debate. Instead, we delved into a specific moment. You know that moment when you’re standing in your bedroom frustrated, clothes are everywhere, you feel unorganised, and you can’t find anything? That association created a far more meaningful category entry point. 

We associated Sharps as the solution to clutter. The comparison was harnessed not just to differentiate but to make Sharps the memorable choice. As a result, their sales multiplied. 

What category entry points can you associate with to elevate your brand?


Your heuristics are your identity. They’re what you look, feel, and sound like. They are critical for two reasons. First, your heuristics need to be distinctive enough to stand out when compared with competitors. Next, they play a significant role in recall. If you can imagine something, you can remember it. We only have to mention ‘Coca-Cola’, and that distinctive red with white cursive writing immediately comes to mind. 

Heuristics include (but are not limited to):

  • Logo design
  • Packaging shapes
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Illustration and characters
  • Sonic devices
  • Straplines
  • Photography
  • Senses
  • Celebrities and influencers 

An excellent example of the transformative power of repositioning heuristics is our work with Well Pharmacy

Healthcare branding is a sea of blue. And for seemingly good reason. The colour blue psychologically represents “dependable, calming, and trustworthy”. While they’re all values you expect in wellness, when you look at the medical industry side-by-side, it is hard to tell the competition apart. This creates an opportunity. 

By introducing an extended colour palette, infusing deeper meaning into the often-used plus sign, and shifting the focus from clinical to human connection, we reshaped the Well Pharmacy’s look and feel. 

This not only made the brand stand out but also made easier identification for patients through distinctive assets, ultimately enhancing mental availability.

What opportunities do you have to break the mould and create stand-out memorability in your sector? 


We know that being top-of-mind is about matching the pattern the customer’s brain is looking for. The more consistent you are, the easier it is to spot the pattern. Therefore, ensuring your assets are delivered consistently across every channel is key.

It’s one thing to create powerful heuristics, but they’ll only be memorable when you use them repeatedly.

You know you’re consistent when you:

  • Follow templates
  • Maintain a defined tone of voice
  • Use consistent fonts, styles, and storytelling

Crucial with multiple audiences and touchpoints, consistent heuristics make you immediately recognisable, positioning you as top-of-mind. From here, your messaging guides customers along their journey.

From a budget perspective, consistency avoids constant reinvestment. It allows effective repurposing and reuse of branding, improving ROI and cash flow.

Consider your various touchpoints, both online and offline. Are your heuristics consistent?


Great brands establish connections between sensory stimuli (colour, shapes, words, faces) and the intended emotional responses. In the pursuit of being memorable, tapping into the emotions associated with your products and services is a game-changer.

One of our favourite examples of evoking emotion in a category that doesn’t rely on emotion to sell is our work with premium flooring business Karndean.

Traditionally, flooring isn’t something you’d consider an emotional product. When considering home renovations, it often takes a backseat to more visually striking elements like cupboards and colour schemes.

However, when you delve into the actual emotions tied to your home—where life is lived on the floor—the narrative changes. From generational milestones, to both joyous and challenging moments, plus all those stubbed toes, the floor bears witness to the rich tapestry of life. We harnessed these emotions to weave a connection between Karndean and the essence of living, infusing them into their story and assets.

Does your current branding create an emotional connection with its audience?

Harnessing brand CACHE for commercial success

Securing top-of-mind mental availability is more than just a nice to have; it’s a strategic necessity. Delving into each facet of our framework provides valuable insights to shape your strategy and creative direction. By optimising your memorability and distinctiveness, you elevate your marketing ROI, as every pound spent is working to its full potential.

To unlock the full power of the Brand CACHE framework to make your brand memorable and maximise your commercial success, contact our team today. Together, we’ll explore the transformative potential of your brand.