We're putting happiness at the centre of everything

I’m sure you’ve gathered by now that happiness is really important to me and over the years I’ve  explored it from a range of angles:

Whether it’s from the financial performance of businesses to the personal impact on colleagues, or from the science behind happiness to the interrelationship between brands, customers and happiness.

So you probably won’t be surprised to hear me say that our overwhelming conclusion is that happiness has a hugely positive impact on everything it touches – particularly bottom lines and employee metrics – music to every CMO or CFO’s ears.

And so when we went into our 5 year strategic planning cycle early this year we made the decision to embrace the concept still further and place it at the heart of our own brand.

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What it means in practice

  1. We’re placing even more focus on our client and colleagues rituals building new ways of working collaboratively in this hybrid world.
  2. We’re expanding our behavioural science led solutions to include a futures team – working with clients who want to foresee where customer happiness will come from in the next decade and beyond.
  3. We’re building intentional happiness modules and thinking into our brand, communication and customer experience processes, to ensure the solutions we create for you really do drive contentment, joy and satisfaction for your customers.
  4. We did the unheard of and applied our own tools on ourselves to create a new highly distinctive and memorable brand centred around the simple signal of happiness – the smile. 
  5. We’re creating environments (physical and emotional) where our clients and colleagues can flourish, be creative, be curious and ultimately drive a positive impact on their/our business and the community.

What we’re not doing

  1. Building a set of happy ‘valued’ brands – every solution is bespoke based on what matters to our clients.
  2. Working with brands who don’t put happiness on their agenda – either colleagues or customers or work with brands that have a detrimental impact on the planet or people’s lives.

We’d love to tell you more about this, so please do get in touch for a coffee and a natter. 

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By Sue Benson

Managing Director