Tango and humorous TV ads go hand in hand. From the epic St George to the bizarre barrel, the brand's advertising has always stood out in the fizzy drinks category. So if ever a brand epitomised the Von Restorff effect, a bias which states that distinct stimuli are more memorable, it would be Tango.

Tango’s latest instalment of its array of humorous TV ads hopes to bring back a bit of this magic, but in a more modern and risqué way, playing on two awkward moments a female teen has with her father.

The simple psychology at play here, used by generations of ad men and women, is use of distinctive imagery to aid encoding and memory. This effect was discovered by the aforementioned German Psychiatrist Hedwig Von Restorff, who, in her 1933 study, found that memory of stimuli was improved when it was more distinctive. What could possibly be more memorable than the sight of a father massaging his head with his daughters vibrator?!

As well as being a nod to Tango humorous TV ad ads of yesteryear, the spots show a great deal of empathy to that particular audience, in both its understanding of their world and the relationships within them.

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By Greg Copeland

Behavioural Strategist