How behavioural science can help with marketing challenges

It goes without saying that the seismic events of 2020 have caused huge shifts in consumer habits and motivations. There’s never been a better time to start enhancing your marketing with behavioural science.

From the conversations we’ve been having with marketers we know that preparing for the uncertainty of 2021, adapting to changing customer preferences, achieving cut-through in a more digitally orientated world and maintaining momentum throughout the customer journey are top priorities.

Among other things, applying a behaviour-led approach allows you to prepare for the uncertainty that lies ahead and gain a deeper understanding of the changes in buyer behaviour that have and will occur in your category.

How we apply behavioural science to solve marketing challenges 

We have built a unique behavioural model that helps marketers to work through all manner of marketing and communications challenges using behavioural science – everything from insight generation, strategy, brand building, coming up with creative concepts and tactical execution. We apply our model for our clients to find the best opportunity to influence consumer behaviour in any given situation and identify the right strategy to tap into the right aspect of behavioural science to achieve the desired goals.

Key principles of our model: 

1. Marketing is about moving people from their default behaviour to the desired behaviour.

2. Our brains don’t work by processing data, they compare and contrast with existing memories.

3. Any behaviour requires three things – sufficient motivation, sufficient means and a trigger.

How we use these principles 

The model enables us to identify how we can influence a shift from the default behaviour to the desired behaviour, by identifying the best opportunity to contrast favourably in one or more the three factors: motivation, means and trigger. In order to achieve a behaviour shift these three factors need to come together, if one of these aspects is missing the behaviour change won’t take place.

Want to know more? 

Watch the webinar below for a more in-depth look at how we apply these principles in our work and hear how we’ve helped clients such as Auto Trader with their marketing challenges using behavioural science.

By Tamsin Scott

Head of Marketing