Last month, Strongbow partnered with Manchester Bakery Apple, selling thousands of dark fruit cakes in a pop up, located in Barton Arcade and donating all the proceeds to a local charity.

Strongbow Dark Fruits Cake

Cakes and cider aren’t exactly the norm, it caught our attention for sure. At The Behaviours Agency we are acutely aware of the power that bizareness brings and how this can be leveraged to influence behaviour change.

Through the local pop up activation it’s clear that Strongbow are leading with their Dark Fruit variant. Definitely the best choice as fruit flavoured cider sales increased last year by 37% with traditional declining.

Allowing customers to enjoy dark fruit through food will provide them with a different experience and you could even go as far as to say emotion. We all love food, If you disagree then you are a liar (or an alien).

By experiencing a brand in our own region and by our own bakery it just feels a little bit more special.

Strongbow, consider us wooed.

As a behavioral marketing company, influencing behaviours is core to what we do and applying Behavioural Economics to marketing communications is a natural progression. If you are interested in understanding more about how we do this get in touch now.

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