What's starting a new job in lockdown like?

“It must be so tough starting a new job during a pandemic?”, <insert concerned friend or family member here>. 

You can see why this was a regular talking point in my social circle. I mean, it’s a feat enough to get used to an entirely new team, working styles, values and even equipment. Add a global pandemic and you’re headed right down anxiety avenue. 

Fortunately over the past few months I’ve had significantly more ups than downs. Here’s how The Behaviours Agency made me feel a firm part of a team I’ve never met:

A smooth set-up

The week before starting I was sent all the kit I needed, plus a notepad, stationery and my own copy of a book on behavioural science. 

It meant I was all set to start and had a chance to test out the equipment and give IT a shout if need be.

One-to-one welcomes

Building relationships with your team is arguably the most important part of the first week – and the hardest thing to do remotely.

From day dot I had one-to-ones lined up in my calendar with everyone in the agency. A chance to grab a cuppa and get to know each other, married with small induction tasks like intro to timesheets and client guidelines. 

I was also given a ‘buddy’. Janey was fab, always willing to help if I had any questions – or just wanted to chat about cute dachshunds and running

A hello every morning

Along with one-to-ones, morning huddles gave me more time to chat to the whole team. And a look at the type of projects going on in the agency day-to-day.

Asking my opinion

Through lockdown we’ve had regular ‘wash-up’ sessions on what we’re finding hard and what’s working well in the agency. 

They’re designed to help everyone feel more comfortable working in lockdown, adapting and growing as we move forward.

Making time for training

Developing skills is a hot topic at The Behaviours Agency, including their USP: behavioural science. It’s included in every brief so you need a solid foundation – harder to get used to when you’re working on your own.

Time’s put aside for training, including reading books and online courses. Along with unwavering support from the team.

Super inclusive socials

Another value the agency stands by is team happiness. Almost every Friday we have a team quiz, joined by anyone on furlough. Meaning I got a chance to see the whole team together.

Once a month we have a Sunshine session with team building activities and a celebration of work. This month was the end of the financial year, so we had a whole afternoon of fun along with a gorgeous prosecco lunch sent to our door – definitely the way to my heart.

So, turns out starting a new job in lockdown hasn’t actually been that tough. I’m looking forward to face-to-face meetings with the team. But, for now, doing great work with nice people from afar will more than do.

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New job in lockdown

By Ellen Jackson

Creative Copywriter