Time to take to the streets again on another Retail Safari as we sought out Sport and Outdoor Retail Trends. We picked a number of stores to visit, ranging from fitness and outdoor to high street fashion, looking out for what’s trending now. Here’s our top 5 sport and Outdoor retail trends.

Fashion “Fitness” clothing  that motivates you.

In the real world it takes a lot to motivate people to exercise, so it helps if your clothing cheers you on! Found in accessible high street fashion stores such as Primark and H&M.

What the sports stars are wearing. Up your performance to those you aspire to by simply wearing the same clothes as them. As you’d expect doing this is very common amongst the sport giants such as Adidas and Nike, however its a territory Uniqlo are now playing in as wel..

Do some good for the great outdoors while you do yourself good.

Fitness isn’t all about “me”. We can make a change by considering the types of clothes we buy and how we then recycle them once they are done with. Seen mostly in the outdoor sector but also in high street fashion stores where recycling old clothing was a big feature.

Superficially sporty clothing

Otherwise known as Athleisure, high street fashion brands put their stamp on sport and fitness by developing their own leisure and/or fitness clothing range or by associating themselves with “high fashion” brands that have branched out into sportswear. 

Share customers on their adventure wearing your clothing.

Seeing other people put the clothing through its paces can be an impactful selling point to any new customer. It’s even more impactful when you share those real moments and stories at the point of purchase in store.

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By James Ballinger

Senior Account Director