This week we unveil our new advertising campaign to raise awareness of Silentnight’s commitment to sustainability and preventing plastic entering the oceans.

The “A great night’s sleep shouldn’t cost the earth” campaign features a couple sound asleep in a big comfy bed on a beach while the waves lap gently against the shore. It demonstrates the reinvigorating night’s sleep that you get from Silentnight’s Eco Comfort mattresses, without damaging the environment or your bank balance.

The campaign restates Silentnight’s green credentials by highlighting how its unique Eco Comfort fibres™, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, have prevented 105 million of them from entering the oceans each year.

This campaign gives consumers a compelling reason to choose Silentnight by letting them know the extent of the environmental benefits that the Eco Comfort mattress can make.

Tackling such a serious issue, it was important to have the endorsement of the Marine Conservation Society so people know they can trust the environmental claims.

A word from our client…

Nick Booth, Marketing Director at Silentnight said:

“We’re committed to making a difference when it comes to sustainability, so we have made our eco range the focus of our new campaign. With plastic pollution becoming an increasing problem, public concern for the environment is growing. We wanted people to know that we care and are actively making a difference. Consumers can be confident that our Eco Comfort range not only offers a great night’s sleep but is kind to the environment too.”

The national campaign will be rolled out across digital, press and outdoor media.

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