Shopping Uncovered is our latest report to delve into the world of shopping, revealing how we really shop today.

An in-depth study, rich in detail and analysis, we’ve summarized the key findings in our Shopping Uncovered Infographic to give you a snapshot of the forces that drive people’s choices.

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Behind the study

We surveyed more than a thousand home and leisure shoppers about how they shop at the beginning of the year and mapped the relative influence of six shopper forces subconsciously exerted upon us each time we buy – price, need to touch, shopping experience, education, brand and social validation.

The study helps to explain where the power lies in our shopping decisions and therefore can lead to better prioritization of marketing budgets.

We crunched all of this data first by category to give brands and retailers within home and leisure a clearer picture of their particular area. The categories were split into:

  • DIY and gardening
  • Furniture
  • Homewares
  • Fitness, sports and outdoor equipment
  • Travel
  • Entertainment

We found that behavior dramatically changes dependent on what people are actually buying.

For example, seeing and touching a product matters the most when buying furniture, DIY, gardening equipment or homewares while when making travel or entertainment purchases, we need a little social approval and look to share our experiences.

As well as looking at specific categories, we also considered how buying behavior changes by generation, split by Millennials (18-29 Year olds), Gen X (30-49 year olds) and Boomers (50-70 year olds)

We found that each generation is driven by subtly different influences. So, while Millennials look for more social validation, are more brand driven and require education, Boomers are least price driven and seek least social approval for their purchases. A clearer understanding of this will no doubt help marketers plan activity based on their core target audience.

Get a copy of the report

Keep an eye on our blog as over the coming months we will be launching category reports that delve a little deeper.

You can download Shopping Uncovered here