Armed with TBA’s retail communication tool, SHOP™, I undertook my first shopper tour (or retail safari) since joining the company earlier this month. The aim was to identify how swimwear retailers, in particular Speedo, were taking shoppers through the purchasing process in store.

My journey of retail discovery began with two sedate department stores; John Lewis – who actually had more Speedo product on sale than any other store in the local area, followed by Debenham’s, who had their own ‘flattering’ offering for women, presumably ruling them out of stocking Speedo’s sculpture range (that’s the one that shapes, hold and supports).

Sports Direct and Decathlon, who have both perfected the pile it high, sell it cheap(ish) mantra, had very little Speedo swimwear on sale and neither retailer is of a mind to provide information to the shopper surrounding product features and benefits let alone what it might be used for.

Speedo’s branded store at Ponds Forge, Sheffield is a different proposition altogether. The personality of the brand was on display on the walls, with massive posters showing swimmers in full flow.


Shoppers have the chance for some product engagement with Speedo’s Fastskin technology and the use one of only two body scanners in the UK, where elite swimmers can get their new Fastskin outfit fitted to match the contours of their body.

Finally, I was educated via point of sale on how to fit a pair of goggles and if I wanted, I could search (and buy from) the entire product range using one of the store’s iPads.


In reality, as the world’s leading swimwear brand, Speedo has something for all types of swimmer – from elite level performers to flattering beach wear.

The retail experience goes a long way to dispel the myth that Speedo is all about skimpy and tight fitting swimwear.

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James Ballinger, Account Director, The Behaviours Agency