Shopper Report – Shopping Uncovered: Six things you didn’t know

Shopping Uncovered is a shopper report exploring how we shop today.

It’s easy to assume we understand our customers and how they prefer to shop our category, but do we really?

Later this month we’ll be bringing you our Shopping Uncovered – How We Really Shop report, which looks at the six forces that drive us to buy – price, need to touch, shopping experience, advice and education, brand, and social interaction –and their power of influence by generation and category.

We surveyed more than a thousand home and leisure shoppers, which has produced a rich source of data. It will help marketers better understand where to spend their budget to deliver the biggest impact and develop future strategies.

Preview of Shopping Uncovered

Here’s a sneak preview of some of our more surprising findings.

Six things you didn’t know about how we shop

  • Millennials (18 to 29 year old) are more likely to go to a physical store for furniture than Generation X (30 to 49 year olds)
  • Boomers (50 to 70 year olds) are more likely to shop travel online than anyone else
  • Brands matter least to Generation X when buying furniture, but most for Millennials when purchasing sports and outdoor equipment and apparel
  • Boomers need to touch their homewares before they buy, the rest of us don’t
  • We are still interested in going into a physical store, but we do want to see it evolve
  • While we all love retail staff to be helpful, Boomers want knowledge while Generation X appreciate friendliness more than others, and Millennials just want more courtesy

Our Shopping Uncovered report focuses on the six core categories within home and leisure: furniture, homewares, DIY and garden equipment, fitness and sports equipment and apparel, travel and entertainment.

To find out more about shoppers, how they prefer to shop and why, register to receive your free copy of Shopping Uncovered – How We Really Shop here.

Sue Benson, Managing Director