Berlin manages to expertly blur the line between art and shopping to deliver stimulating store experiences that are on the cutting edge of retail trends.

Two days spent immersed in retail in Berlin demonstrated how retailers both small and large can transform the shopping experience with art; introducing artistic practices and pieces into the in-store environment outside the realms of a gallery.

Placement of art in stores isn’t new to the high street, but what we learned from Berlin was the extent of how this concept can be applied.

Independent and flagship stores transformed perceptions of what a store can be, pushing boundaries for the brand.

Display techniques from gallery spaces were borrowed to create modern boutiques curated like galleries. Community projects aligned local artists with stores. Brands displayed products in less-traditional ways and we experienced the true blurring of lines in duel-purpose stores where at first glance it was hard to spot if you were in an art store selling clothing or clothing store selling art.

Shoppers engaged with the art both inside and outside stores from artistic window displays to shoppable installations enticing you in and instore we saw original eye-catching art donning walls or the products themselves curated as art.

Here are some examples of what we found in Berlin’s shopping districts.

Selection of product photography curated to deliver a gallery experience


Shoppable installations

Products curated as art at Dr Martens

Blurring of lines – independent boutiques sell art alongside clothes

Independents use art to create theatre instore


Adidas and New Balance curated art out of brand assets and products


Iconic art and props translate brand heritage at Stetson


Many Berlin stores have used art to transform into places that enhance brand values and create more immersive experiences, giving shoppers a reason to step away from their screens and hit the high streets, shopping centres and retail parks.

These added-value experiences encourage engagement, curiosity and revisits as well as increasing dwell time.

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Adam Tregaskis