Our Retail Trends 2019 and beyond report launches today.The world of retail is changing at a faster pace than any other sector and The Behaviours Agencys Retail trends 2019 and beyond report outlines some of the drivers of change and the cultural shifts affecting businesses.

The perpetual advance of neoteric technology and shifting of political, societal and cultural norms mean external forces beyond our control will forever shape the way we do business. Some will be opportune, presenting fresh ways to create meaningful, commercial relationships with the people we wish to, while others will disrupt and unsettle the paradigms on which these commercial relationships were formerly based.

Gender is one such example. We could not have imagined 10 years ago that an idea as progressive as gender fluidity would force a re-examination of the way we make, merchandise, and market goods. But it has, and we are only at the beginning of this journey.

Technologies such as Blockchain present new ways to imbue traceability, accountability and ultimately transparency in products and process. This presents distinct advantages in procurement, safety and CSR yet is highly under utilised by retailers and brands.


In this report you will find ten shifts (uncontrollable political, societal and cultural changes that subsequently create new needs, attitudes and behaviours) and drivers (emerging technologies, tools and practices that when introduced will enhance the retail environment and experience) that we believe will or already are fundamentally changing retail. Use them to prepare for or to drive change in your business, allowing you to gain an edge over competition and present customers with an environment and service that is more in tune with their mindset and needs.

As an agency, influencing behaviours is core to what we do and applying Behavioural Economics to marketing communications is a natural progression. If you are interested in understanding more about how we do this get in touch now.

RETAIL 2019 TRENDS AND BEYOND. Download it here.

By Sue Benson

Managing Director