We’re delighted to launch Retail 2020, a report that looks to the future of retail with what you need to know to ignite shoppers to act.

We’re seeing an unprecedented rate of technological advancement. This new wave of innovation in online and bricks-and-mortar retail are turning challenges into opportunities in markets across the world.

Shopping habits are evolving, transforming the way you need to engage and service your customers.

Retail 2020 takes a closer look at this era of dramatic change. It opens with a thought-provoking note on the use of robots from esteemed futurist, Professor James Woudhuysen, before helping you to identify the emerging and future trends you need to be aware of to thrive in this brave new world of retail.

The report also addresses the key challenges marketers will face over the next four years. It also takes a look what influences the shoppers of tomorrow, millennials.

Retail 2020 looks to the future of retail to identify three emerging key themes and the micro-trends that drive them. Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Trend theme one
The pace of technological change – the key areas marketers need to be aware of from use of geo-targeting to best use of data.

Trend theme two
Consumers in charge – societal changes have placed consumers in charge of their relationship with brands, the report considers how marketers can turn what may seem a challenge into an opportunity.

Trend theme three
Brands fighting back – In a market driven by consumer expectation some brands are working collaboratively to create rich experiences, the report identifies the emerging trends in the world of the brand.
Download your free copy here. We hope that you will find our insight to the future of shopping a useful planning aid for your brand.