Behavioural Bias cards


Pack of 28 Behavioural Bias cards

Each behavioural bias is clearly defined and accompanied with a tip on how to leverage it and a real-world example of a brand or product that is doing just that.

Inspire your marketing team or help train delegates about behavioural biases.



Pocket-sized. Powerful impact.

This pack of 28 behavioural bias cards are a practical tool for marketers, trainers, lecturers and students. If you’re after an easy to understand suite of behavioural biases, with every day examples and tips for how to apply them these behavioural bias cards are for you.

They are invaluable if you’re looking:

  • To develop impactful ideas, quickly.
  • To inspire a team of marketers with a new way of solving problems.
  • For a training aid to inspire and inform your delegates or students.

What are Behavioural Biases?

In a nutshell, biases are irrational beliefs or behaviours that can unconsciously influence our decision-making. Understanding these biases means that we can tailor how we interact with consumers to drive them to act.

The Behaviours Agency

As a creative agency that uses behavioural science to develop impactful creative for retailers and brands, we have a keen interest in the context in which decisions are made, and retail provides a lab-like environment in which to study how and why we buy.


Please note, we are only able to send the bias cards to addresses within the UK.


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