Every month we each try to unearth or present some new or exemplary Behavioural insight for the team.  This month my find was the thoroughly engaging Pizza Hut “Now That’s Delivering” campaign. The TV spot attached to it utilises a range of behavioural biases both to communicate key messages and also frame the key benefits and offers surrounding the chains delivery service.

Here is a quick edit highlighting some of the key biases employed:

It could be argued that the key bias employed throughout is the Bizarreness Effect. It permeates the whole ad and crucially, and helps maintain the viewer’s attention for the duration of the lengthy 1.54 minute ad. Successfully leveraging this bias creates a framework for additional key information that can be conveyed, potentially also improving long term recall for that information.

Key points are also delivered or framed around biases. Following on from the initial attention grabbing opening, we are shown Pizza Huts’ heritage and sector command via the Authority bias. This is exemplified by an “Independent Taste Test” that establishes the quality of the products in question. It then moves on to plugging its ‘Thank you’ culture and reward scheme for loyal customers – a classic example of leveraging the Reciprocity bias.

Skipping forward, we arrive in a courtroom, watching our guide publicly pledge the key points of Pizza Hut’s “Speed Guarantee” which firmly establishes the lengths to which the service will go in order to justify your trust and custom. Classic use commitment bias.

Following on from this, we wrap up with a series of short statements “Chunked” together to concisely list exactly what they do for you, the customer. All in all, there’s a lot to take in here, but thanks to the Bizareness Effect, there’s a much better chance you’ll take it all in.

To watch the ad in its entirety click here.

By Stuart Keates

Senior Creative Artworker