We’ve been on a team Retail Safari in Leeds to help identify new jewellery retail trends.

  1. Convergence

Jewellery, as with many sectors, is becoming more and more androgynous. If you were to be lead through a shop floor blind folded, and stood in front of the jewellery stand before the blind fold was removed – you would struggle to tell if the jewellery was for men or women. At least this would be the case for Topman. This ties in with a general trend in fashion; simple is superior. Simple pieces allow for an easier impulse buy as you are certain they will go with multiple outfits you have back at home, the overall look doesn’t have to be decided there and then. Buy now, think later.



  1. Endless looks

Adding to ‘buy now, think later’ emerges another of our jewellery retail trends, ‘Endless looks’. Seen more in women’s jewellery, customers can now buy a multitude of looks all at once. As many as 6 different pieces per jewellery pack where observed. Meaning the odds are in your favour that at least one of them will go with an outfit back home. ‘Compliments’ seems to be an extension of this trend – jewellery pieces of different types are packed together – watches with bracelets, rings with necklaces, even tattoos were packed with pieces of jewellery! (Thumbs up to Topshop for being innovators once again).

Endless looks
  1. Wearable tech

The Apple Watch has made ‘Wearable tech’ a mainstream trend. Wearable tech isn’t exactly a new phrase, however for the first time we see major accessory retailers like Fossil joining in. A major barrier in wearable tech has been the aesthetics of the product, tech brands may be good at meeting a customer’s technologic needs, not so good at pleasing their aesthetic needs. We hope that with ‘aesthetically pleasing’ brands like Fossil joining in, that this barrier with come down. Fashion before function.

Wearable tech

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