Improving the user journey with behavioural science and CRO in the new age of retail

As the world has shifted dramatically to online retail, the opportunities in e-commerce in our new age of retail are abundant – but competition for online sales is increasingly fierce. By making improvements to the entire customer journey, marketers can make the most of this change in user behaviour. So, we recently teamed up with Fountain, to host a webinar, Psychology and Technology: The New Age of Retail, to explain how retailers can thrive by optimising the customer journey to maximise profits, through using a combination of actionable behavioural science principles and the latest technology.

During the webinar, guest speakers Steve Brunt and Laura North, explained how you can:  

Establish audiences for targeting – How to use analytics user behaviour data to segment audiences for more relevance and higher audience engagement.

Optimise the user journey with behavioural science – How to pin-point the motivation, triggers and means to uncover the best means of influencing buyer behaviour at any stage of the customer journey. 

Apply audience optimisation  – How to identify where best to position the learnings from data analysis and the effects this will have on your audience.

Missed the session?

Not you worry, you can watch the recording below to find out how you can apply behavioural science to improve your user journey, and to see some great real-life examples in action.

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By Tamsin Scott

Head of Marketing