Hey, I'm Nat. I’m the Integrated Designer at The Behaviours Agency. I started off as an apprentice and now, almost four years on, I’m still here.

A passion of mine is Illustration and I’ve been selling my illustrations on my Etsy shop for a few years now. For my illustrations, I use Adobe Illustrator or Procreate on an iPad Pro.


I have always done a lot of drawing and I started digital art in 2013 when I went to college and began to learn Adobe illustrator. It quickly became my focus and I gradually started to give it more and more of my time.

For my final project in college, I was able to do whatever I wanted and I chose minimalist movie posters. I produced a collection of 20 posters is this style and put a selection of them on show for our end of year exhibition.

I developed my style along with my software knowledge for years. Taking hours a day to create illustrations came easily as it was something I enjoyed and got a lot of pride from the results of my work.


During the time that I was getting into digital illustration, I took care to not lose touch with the pen and paper illustration that I grew up loving. Creating stickers was a great outlet and a fun way to explore another style of illustration.

The sticker community around the world is an awesome thing to be a part of and a great outlet to develop a style. I recently re-visited stickers, using both pen-drawn art and digital art.


I set up a shop on Etsy a few years ago after months of haing the idea suggested to me. I then had an outlet for my vector artwork and found that there were lots of people around the world that enjoyed my work as much as I did and wanted a piece to frame in their own home.

Minimalist Kes Poster - 2014
Sticker Art - Ink On Sticker Paper
Hand-drawn Art Created Using Procreate For iPad Pro


Being a developed Illustrator is a major asset to my every day work at The Behaviours Agency. The quality and pace that I can work at in creating bespoke vector artwork due to my experience with illustration is a huge benefit to my work, it allows me to bring to life ambitious ideas and get them done in a good time to a high standard. My drawing skills come in handy when coming up with ideas or adding a hand-drawn look to designs. And simply having a thorough knowledge of Adobe Illustrator helped me reach the same level of understanding in other Adobe programs that work in a similar way.

You can see parts of my work throughout our work pages. Some of my favourite work can be found in our case studies for Autotrader, Rubik and Well Pharmacy.

Vector Artwork Process - The Three Eyed Raven

By Nat Taylor

Integrated Designer