The resources and tools to help you plan your way out of the recession

Being a marketer can sometimes be a lonely place despite the fact that everyone has an opinion, so we’ve pulled together a set of resources to help you with your marketing decision-making during the financial crisis.

Whether you’re in a market that has growth potential or a market that’s facing a serious headwind we can help you to make the right decisions.

We can help you to:

  1. Predict changing customer behaviour in order to shape your brand activation activity
  2. Build your brand equity by using top-of-mind thinking
  3. Identify new category entry points that drive growth
  4. Improve marketing comms performance
  5. Understand what’s worked in previous recessions, which you could deploy today

Our solutions can be delivered at speed and in scale through a range of resources:

  • Learn @ Lunches – for whole team collaboration
  • Whitepapers – for the readers amongst you
  • Design Sprints – for quick turn around product/proposition/service launches
  • Scenario Planning – make better decisions using our proven SP process.

We’re here to help, and there’s two ways for you to get in touch:

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