Just like we talked about in our Engage Me trend blog, consumers today are a time-poor and easily bored bunch. So it’s no surprise that companies are making huge strides in making the experience they provide simple. Actioning minimal interfaces, focused offerings and straightforward purchasing, companies can achieve a balanced experience across a multitude of critical touchpoints. Our Make it Simple for Me trend provides an insight into how brands are and can leverage simplicity even more.

The Make It Simple For Me trend is all about streamlining the customer journey

Delving deep into the world of UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience), many brands are seeing incredible results in conversion, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mobile is one of the critical touchpoints in question and has moved from afterthought to in some cases, the starting point for designing a simple customer experience.

Bellroy - no more bulging wallets

Bellroy sell thinner-than-typical wallets. To get this across, it split its product page into three stages: understanding the problem, how to fix the problem and how Bellroy can resolve the problem. Featuring an interactive slider, it showed exactly how the Bellroy skinny wallet fills up in comparison to a standard wallet. In behavioural economics this is an example of Chunking – the bias that says complex tasks are more appealing when “chunked’ into manageable pieces and effects how motivated we are to start and finish them.

Bellroy, Interactive Slider
Bellroy's interactive slider

How can you leverage this?

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By Phil Monks

Deputy Creative Director