Nothing gives me Autumnal vibes like the sound of KFC falling chips. Wait, what?

Last year KFC acted boldly to deal with what could have been a disastrous chicken shortage with their ‘FCK we’re sorry’ response. The clever marketing continues with application of what we, as behavioural marketers, know to be the priming effect in their campaign featuring falling chips.

The end of 2018 saw the humble KFC chip being given a makeover with the launch of new fancy ‘skin-on’ potato. This, has as you can imagine, divided  KFC loyalists throughout the globe. How to get everyone on-board? This has been attempted by using a nostalgic positive seasonal reference customers already have in place, connecting this to their product. Pretty clever, are we right?

The social campaign shows falling leaves with the crisp sound of them hitting the floor, plot twist – the leaves turn into chips. Not to forget the clever pun ‘Falling Fries’.

Priming happens subconsciously when we are exposed to a stimulus, we form an association. In this instance the sound of the leaves is the stimulus which triggers the association to Autumn.

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