In 2019 ITV are pushing to be more than just TV, here’s what they have done so far to change that perception.

When ITV is mentioned most of us instantly assume the TV channel best known for soaps, family favourites and the odd drama series. This is a perception ITV are trying to change within 2019.

As part of its “more than just TV” strategy, ITV are launching a new magazine. The aim of this is to enhance existing relationships and form new consumer relationships in a time where traditional TV is arguably blindsighted by streaming giants such as Netflix and Now TV.

The magazine will be stocked in Waitrose, and will be free to Waitrose loyalty scheme members. This is an excellent way to leverage the power of free to benefit both ITV and Waitrose. Not only will the fact it is free entice more Waitrose customers to pick up a copy, allowing the publication to be seen by more eyes and hence drive more traffic to ITV as a brand, and the channel, but it also encourages additional sign ups to the Waitrose loyalty scheme by highlighting further the benefits and perks you will receive by being part of the scheme.

The content is said to be a mixture of TV sneak peaks, along with interviews, fitness and lifestyle advice providing a great balance between pushing ITV’s prominent service and building excitement for its up and coming shows, and also offering the brand more of its own voice and the ability to engage with its audience on a more personal level. This heightened relationship in the long run may encourage consumers to stay loyal to the channel and not sway towards the ever growing trend of streaming or on demand services.

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By Amy Brough

Junior Account Executive