As well as releasing a new look for their main branding, ITV have also done the same with their idents. ITV go off brand with the creative direction of these idents couldn't be further away from their new brand style.

The channel’s new idents sees 52 artists interpret the ITV logo in ways that reflect what ITV, their programmes or television as a whole means to them. The only unifying factor across all of the idents is the shape of the joined up letters that make ITV.

On first look it seems all “rules” around the importance of brand consistency have been thrown out the window. Or have they?

This activity is part of their ITV Creates series and aims to push their new strategy of “More than TV”. It’s in this exciting strategy that the brand remains linked together. Brand consistency lies in their conviction to communicate what “More than TV” means and in this case challenging the status quo of channel idents through the welcoming diversity of creative expression.

Using their idents as the medium to push creative expression isn’t unusual as idents are famed for being a vehicle to communicate the theme or personality of the channel. Look at Channel 4 for example, their idents are synonymous for creative and visual appeal across their whole estate.

Where ITV stands out for me is the creative freedom offered to the artists, as well as, the want to educate and inspire their audiences. Each week, as a new artist is featured, ITV releases an interview with them. I find this part really important because creativity comes from such a personal place.

I’ll certainly be tuning in every week (for the next 52 weeks) to see each artist’s work featured on the channel.

But here are my top 2 idents released online so far…

Artist: Patricia Volk
Artist: Kristina Veasey

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By Phil Monks

Deputy Creative Director