We’re extremely proud to have been awarded the CPD’s top accreditation for outstanding professional development – Gold!

Coming from our industry’s flagship membership body, the IPA, it means so much. The IPA judges said of our submission: “The Behaviours Agency has an impressive understanding of the contribution CPD success can make to business success, and the fact that ‘every day’s a learning day at The Behaviours Agency’ has reaped rewards.”

We’ve worked hard as a team to achieve Gold status as it helps to realise our vision of building a wellbeing-led agency that pioneers ways of influencing behaviour profitably.

This stems from one of my personal ambitions of creating a company that people want towork for, that they advance their career in and that we look after their wellbeing whilst they are in my care. To ensure this was more that just a lofty ambition we set ourselves the target of becoming an Investor in People Gold Standard Agency and in 2017 we achieved that status.

Whilst on our journey to become IIP superstars I recognised the power of CPD, which has helped us to transform our business over the last 18 months, making our strategic and creative offer more scientific, more predictably irrational and effective. After significant research, learning and modelling we have repositioned as a behavioural marketing company.

There are countless initiatives that have enabled this and contributed to our Gold accreditation. We have up-skilled the entire agency in the principles of behavioural economics, educated them about a new agency behavioural model and coached them to be experimental with these new skills including a ‘learn together’ digital training programme, Digital Digest.

We have much to celebrate from a CPD viewpoint – a training programme built to deliver business goals, a CPD culture that is top down and totally inclusive, an Induction Programme designed by the team for the team and a performance management framework that not only focuses on the development of skills but also focuses on the development of behaviours.

Ultimately, achieving IPA CPD Gold reflects the immense pride we have as a company for our CPD strategy and demonstrates our commitment to the continued success of our people.

By Sue Benson

Managing Director