The Yummia brand has given a fresh new look and feel to its yogurt packaging design, which we can’t help but admire.

Yummia is a yoghurt product from the young Australian entrepreneur Mia McCarthy. She created this ready-to-eat innovative fruit and veg yoghurt with the aim of appealing to the health conscious as well as making it easier for veg-phobics to get their 5-a-day.

They designed a fresh new nature-inspired packaging design that projected and promoted the product it contained. Their approach uses clever playful images, typography mixed with clever design and organic cues.

So, why do we love this new look?

Playful use of wording

From the brand name forwards this whole product uses clever word play.

The brand being “Yummia” is a combination of “Yummy” and the creators name “Mia”.

Even the pots look healthy – like it would do you some good just from looking at it, you can’t wait to try it, and even if you don’t visit the gym today you’ve done a good thing for your body. Just try to refrain from rewarding yourself with a quick drink at the pub!

The concept of the yogurt itself is clever, not only does it combine fruit and veg in a yogurt, something I have not seen before, it’s unlike the standard corner pot yogurts where you snap a corner of the pot to dispense the accompaniment into the yogurt.

Yummia is layered ‘like mother nature intended’, so you have to dig deep to the bottom to harvest the tasty fruit and vegetable puree, adding it to the yogurt. The messaging on the yoghurt packaging design, with clever wording and organic feel, invites you to do the same. I like the suggestive and nice use of a garden pun on the lid asking you to “dig down deep”.

Organic typography and design

Carefully chosen fonts lend themselves to the natural flow of this product, they are curvy and comforting. The colours are vibrant and fresh, which is what we all look for with fruit and veg products.

I have an allotment, so I’m no stranger to producing food and understand the real value of fresh fruit and veg. These yogurt pot designs appeal to me. They don’t feel like a gimmick or over-promised “superfood”, it’s just good old-fashioned common sense combining fruit and veg with yogurt to create a healthy treat.

I also like the half and half split design – the black bottom half represents the earth, from which bold colours and veg emerge and the top half uses a colour category divide.

The leaf design is a great idea to hold the nutritional advice and the freehand typography gives it a playful and organic look and feel. I also like how the flavor, appearing in hand-drawn typography, is growing in size from the products.

Overall I love the design and will certainly be sampling one.

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Richard Garnett, senior designer